Product Development, Licensing, and Sales

A properly crafted product licensing, development, or sale agreement can facilitate making the right deal, striking the right balance between risk and opportunity.

We have drafted, edited and/or revised countless forms of agreements for the development, licensing and/or distribution of our clients’ product and service offerings, including:
*         Complex software development and licensing agreements
*         Technology and product development agreements
*         Professional services agreements
*         Hosting and connectivity agreements
*         All forms of sales and purchase agreements
*         Distribution and reseller agreements
*         Website and e-commerce agreements.
*         Agreements and terms of use entered into or consented to via Internet based systems.

The Correct Agreement

We stay abreast of our clients’ new offerings and work directly with them to fashion the correct agreement or agreements for the development, license and/or distribution of new product and service offerings. We expertise in this area allows us to advise clients on the most appropriate form of agreement for each unique situation, while helping the client balance the risks and opportunities of doing business.
We also monitor the evolution of our clients’ businesses, service offerings and product development so that agreements are kept in line with what clients are actually offering their customers, clients and/or partners. We continually review and modify as necessary agreement formats to give clients the appropriate tools to conduct their business operations.

Complex deals may require specially tailored agreements. We negotiate and crafts contracts appropriate for each situation.
Crafting The Right Agreement – We help our clients fully understand the legal implications of their business plan, and more.