Get Ready For ‘Diva’ The Great Italian musical!

Diva is a much anticipated musical that’s set to run at the Theatre of the Moon, (it seems that Bruno Arena will be there too) on Feb 26th 2015, with a double performance on Saturday at 15.30 and 21.00 respectively.

This is the story of bravery and redemption, a musical that’s definitely not to be missed by anyone. Tickets currently go for 55/33 € depending on the row you want to seat on, those at the front would definitely pay more compared to the ones who are behind for obvious reasons.

Diva is an original project made by Massimiliano Barbato and Renato Giordano Regista and Author of the musicalDiva. It makes its return on theaters showcasing the ventures and life events that happen within a famous native Capitoline known as ‘Diva’, this is where superstars, and fancily dressed drag queens from gay pride, pay tribute to event interpreters, including some of the most successful international hit songs combined with original tunes by guitarist and composer Vincenzo Incenzo. The ‘jukebox musical’ is directed by Sir Renato Giordano and stars Lorenza Mario, che fine ha fatto as well as Max Cavallari and Francesco Capodacqua da Amici.

This musical comedy first premiered at Teatro Della Luna theatre, in just two hours the original soundtrack of Vincenzo Incenzo was played with a few acts from 50s to 80s hits as well. It revolves around the themes of love, disappointments, adventures and other related factors.

Choreography is done by Stefano Bontempi, he showcases the local town’s most famous landmarks of fun and fashion which are managed by Miss Annabel, She is in love with a certain man by the name of Matthew, but he doesn’t seem to know her feelings instead having his eyes for another woman by the name of Alice. This love triangle consequently results in an intense passion contest for the fellow, who we are made to believe resides in San Francisco. However, things a different turn when another dude by the name of Alessio meets Annabel at the local pub and falls in love with her as well. This musical is tantalizing and the tickets are expected to sell out very fast, therefore it’s advisable to buy yours fast before they run out of stock!

How to Choose the Best Assistenza Caldaie Service in Rome

Informative And Educative Details About assistenza caldaie in Roma and Air Conditioning Repair Service from

A functional air conditioner and boiler are very important especially during seasons when temperatures are extreme. This is the primary reason why it is important to get the right company to do air conditioning and boiler repairs.
We want to talk about the best Assistenza Caldaie Roma, This particular air conditioning and boiler repair service provider is known to provide professional and reliable repairs of air conditioners and everything related to in house climate control.
These virtues mean that it ensures that clients get full value for the money they pay. It has professionals who are highly qualified and therefore they have the necessary skills which are needed in the repairs of assistenza caldaie Beretta, and any other brand. It also uses effective tools which have the ability to handle different kinds of air conditioning repairs.

pieffeclimaAnother quality that makes this company stand out is that it even provides emergency repair services. This is very important because a broken air conditioner might make a house become very un-conducive and therefore the repairs needs to be done within the shortest time possible. These emergency services are facilitated by the fact that it has enough professionals who can be dispatched to various locations at the same time.
It also has reliable modes of transport and therefore it is easy to quickly travel into various destinations. Furthermore, customers can call to request for the repair services at any time and on any day where upon calling they are usually received by polite and informative recipients. Therefore, even clients with queries and questions can just call where all their questions will be answered in a professional manner.
The experience of this company on assistenza Climatizzatori Roma is also another aspect that makes it stand out. This experience has allowed it to understand diverse things which relate to repairs of air conditioning systems. It is also dully licensed which shows that it has been vetted and allowed to provide the relevant services.
The license also shows that it follows the various rules and regulations which are set to safeguard the clients. The charges for the services provided are also reasonable where they depend on the magnitude of the repairs. Therefore, people with air conditioning issues should consider hiring this air conditioning repair service provider.

Getting natural With Hair Extensions

In today world women tend to go a step further in enhancing their looks at all means possible. Basically, hair style or fashion they choose should be well done and be appealing for someone to stare at as they walk around. Just like most things that are appealing to look at, real hair extension, especially peruvian hair extension hairstyles are with no exception something one can envy.

Peruvian Hair

They are what someone looking for more beauty should opt for. Hair extensions like faux is a hairstyle secret that most celebrities opt for to keep them even more beautiful and gorgeous. While some are made of real hair and others are synthetic, hair extensions do wonders in changing up looks or hairstyle in a flash.

Nevertheless, nowhere in real life hair extensions have ever made someone have the potential to look totally gorgeous or ridiculous and cheesy. Research has reported that it all depends on the way you wear them that really makes a big difference. Wrap and clip-in around pieces if worn the right way, can work out as a ticket to getting thicker, longer or fuller hair in seconds, if fitted with the right styling from a salon or by your own. If you are looking for such looks by changing your hair fashion you will no longer be resigned to tacky and obviously fake hair. In addition, be careful to use a gentle conditioner or shampoo making sure to choose the best quality for you.

Finally, while coloring your hair and extension, make sure to plan ahead. Make sure to color your natural hair using the desired color before extensions are applied. Most expertize salons can do this for you within some minutes without hassles and stressing yourself. After coloring there is enough assurance that your stylist will match your natural hair color be it real hair extensions or synthetic.

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